Beware! LIC warns policyholder against spurious phone calls from fraudsters; Check do's and don’ts

Are you LIC policyholder? Then this news is important for you as India's largest insurance company,  Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is warning against the spurious calls from the fraudsters. There has been an increase in frauds like phishing, email spoofing, cyber extortion, cyberstalking, identity theft, loss from IT theft, and malware attack. To keep customers safe, India's largest insurance service, health and pension plan service provider with millions of policyholders across the country keep warning them of frauds from time to time.

Considering the vast reach of LIC and a large number of policies it disburses, it can always be vulnerable to attack by scammers and that's exactly what LIC India has warned its policyholders. 

In its latest alert, LIC warns policyholders to beware of calls from people posing as Officials or Agents of LIC or as any other officials. Earlier, LIC had also warned policyholders to stay away from fake or spurious SMSs. Fraudsters are misleading people posing as LIC officials, agents, IRDAI officials and others offering alluring benefits.  

As a policyholder, you must know that LIC does not share, you must know that LIC does not share bonus information with policyholders through phone calls. Also, LIC never encourages policyholders to discontinue its existing policy/policies.

“LIC does not share bonus information with policyholders over the phone. It never encourages policyholders to discontinue their existing policy,” a LIC said indicating that these were some of the tricks being used by fraudsters.

“In case you receive such calls, file a complaint with the police with details of the phone number from where you got the call and also report it to us with a copy of the police complaint (if FIR is filed) at,” the LIC said in its advisory. 

Here’s a list of do's to protect your policy:

  • Do verify the identity of the caller and license issued to the by IRDA before concluding a sale.
  • Do visit our website or contact your LIC for plan/product details.
  • Do register your policies on for easier management of your policies.
  • Do Report suspicious calls with brief particulars of the call through e-mail-id

Here’s a list of don'ts to protect your policy:

  • Do not entertain calls from unverified sources. 
  • If the caller is persuading you to surrender your policy to claim extra benefits, please do not entertain don't share your LIC policy details.
  • Do not get tempted by exaggerated promises regarding the benefits of Life Insurance Policies. Do not entertain those who attempt to lure you with extra bonuses and higher benefits. 
  • Do not part with your policy details/other information to any caller.

Things you should avoid doing at all cost:

  • You should not click on any suspicious link in your email.
  • Never provide any confidential information via email.
  • Unexpected email attachments or instant message download links should not be opened.
  • Never make payments using your credit or debit card from computers in public places or access net-banking